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If you have ever considered losing weight, either for your personal self image or even for health issues, you have probably heard of this program. Most individuals in their search for the perfect diet or other weight loss diet plans do a lot of research on the best working strategy.

They have often tried a multitude of different guides and plans, and found that the idea of sticking to a strict one just doesn’t work. This is the moment when Fat Loss Factor (FLF) comes into play!

What Is In The Weight Loss Package???

Obviously, this is a guide that allows for a regimen that is easy to follow, and because it does not deprive you of the things that you love, it is easier to stay with it and get rid of pounds that you do not want.


What is more, it helps to reduce stress, maximize the fat burning effects by foods that you eat, and contributes to muscle growth and increase of your metabolism. It is a highly effective, 12 week life changing program which works!

More precisely, it includes:

  • The main eBook,
  • A Master Cleanse video,
  • Workout plans and logs,
  • Goal setting guides,
  • Even a recipe book and
  • Grocery shopping list among other things.

In other words, it has everything that is needed to successfully complete it to the end.

Author of The Fat Loss Factor System


Dr. Charles Livingston


Author and creator of this powerful way to get slim is Dr. Charles Livingston. He is a certified wellness practitioner, chiropractic physician, and certified nutritionist.


Will You Lose Weight With Fat Loss Factor?

Well, this one is a complete 12 week system for weight reduction. More precisely, it is divided into 2 main phases:

  • Cleansing: The first 2 weeks are a detox phase. This is used to remove harmful toxins and poisons from your body. During this phase, pure and natural organic fruits and vegetables make up the suggested diet, improving the function of your main organs, including kidneys and liver.
  • Meal-Plan: The food plan for the remaining ten weeks is based as much on how you eat as it is with what you eat. In order to maximize your metabolism capabilities, small meals are recommended for several times a day, rather than the usual 3 meals a day. What is more, course provides a list of foods that should be included in the daily menu for speeding up your dietary efforts, as well as those that should be avoided. It even gives you the best times of day to plan meals for to boost your metabolism.


Fat Loss Factor eBook

Following these steps allows your stress level to remain low, which subsequently helps you to continue with this system rather than giving up. Dr. Charles even allows for an occasional lapse where a favourite food, which might otherwise be banned, can be eaten, and explains how this will not interfere with your efforts to get skinny.

In other words, this one is simple, easy to follow, and allows you to set attainable goals without feeling deprived.

What is more, this plan recommends high intensity interval training, as well as exercises which keep your mental stress level in control.

One of the best ways to boost weight loss processes is building lean muscle instead of storing lipides, which will increase your metabolism tremendously. Additionally, it utilizes strength training to aid in building and retaining that muscle.


Of course, one thing that it has in common with many others is the recommendation to drink plenty of water. Water is a major building block for muscles, as well as it helps you to get rid of accumulated toxins and lipid cells.


Why Is Fat Loss Factor So Effective?


System works not because it is a “miracle plan”, but rather because it incorporates all of the needed lifestyle changes to remain with it. Diet, exercise, and mental strength all together play a crucial part in process of achieving your desired body. Trying to use just one of these aspect is almost always doomed to failure.


Meal-plans which reduce calorie intake or make you count fat grams or carbs can make you feel starved, slow down your metabolism, and make you feel tired. They also raise your stress levels, and in a short period most people will not be able to sustain such diet.


On this one, the suggested food changes not only help in getting rid of your excessive pounds, but also make you feel great. Your body will react to this by providing you with a lot more energy and will keep you mentally alert.


Reactions Of Others On This Fat Loss Factor Program?


One of the best ways to judge any new guide is by finding out what others who have used it have to say. Surprisingly, there are over 3850 comments and testimonials to the validity of its usefulness, significant majority of these praising the results of its use.


Statements such as “I have much more energy & less appetite” and “has only been a week & I have lost 10 lbs.” are common, as is “Not only did I lose weight, I feel healthier too!” Such responses come from all age groups, and from both male and female users of the program.


It is obvious that many people have experienced a very positive outcomes from following advice of Dr. Charles.


Where Can You Purchase The Fat Loss Factor?


You can purchase it online, and have it shipped directly to your home. You can even watch a free video on that website on how to burn excessive pounds and lose extra inches. Check out the site for more info and testimonials from other buyers who have used the product and got skinnier.


What Is The Price I Will Pay For This??? – It’s On SALE!


Normal price of this program is $97.00, but it is on sale for the low cost of only $47.00. This is a tremendous price for such a guide which can change the way you feel about yourself, help you lose some pounds, and build up your energy levels all at the same time!